Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!


A young President Lincoln
Today is our Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday!
If you’re American, you should alreayd know a good bit about President Lincoln, particularly about his leadership through the American Civil War. You can always brush up on the details on one of my favorite general information go-to’s, Wikipedia.
He’s considered by many to be one of our best presdients, and he definitely was, no-contest, top of my 100 historical person list.
If you’re like me, and will take any reason to celebrate, do something to remember our great leader of old. These are some ways I’d endorse:
– Thank God for such a great leader
– Build a lincoln-log house
– Have a philosophical debate about the causes of the Civil War
– Watch the movie “Gettysburg” or “Gone with the Wind”
– Read a great short read, The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln
(As appeared today in Mythopoetic)


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!

  1. dragonmage06

    Even in that picture of him as a young man, he looks very thoughtful.

  2. I think I will build a lincoln log cabin. I like that one the best. I went to the Lincoln Presidential library in Springfield, Illinois. I have been to his house in Springfield. So interesting!

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