First disclaimer: I am writing this on a good day, and my perspective may differ on another day. But I’ve had these thoughts for a while.

You know how some people make lists of what they want to do before they die? You know how people want to get to heaven -but after they have lived a good and full life (and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that).

Now, I have a lot of things that I want to do with my life. I have scores of ideas, and it would probably take a ream or two of paper to write them all day. I keep them confined to short, itemized lists (just kidding. Sort of).

I want things any normal person wants. Find something I like to do.  Get married. Have some kids. See the world, make friends.

But tell me if I’m alone here. Sometimes, not infrequently, I have this thought. If I died today and stood before God, I wouldn’t have any complaints of unfairness. I have already had more than my fair share of opportunities, fun, and good things. Seriously, I’ve been blessed way more than I would have the guts to ask for.

It probably would be good for me to make note of this for when the dark times comes, so I remember that I do feel this way.

But I have thought before, “If I died right now, I would have died feeling fulfilled.” How great is God that He would fill me up so much that I would even think that?

And here is the best part: If I’m still alive, it means that God still has things for me to do. If you’re looking for purpose for your life, that is about as profound as I can think.

I remember hearing the true story of a pastor of a few years ago. He wasn’t too old, maybe in his fifties. He was preaching one morning to his congregation, and was making some point. He said, “I am here to do God’s work and when my part is done, my life will be over!” After he said those words, he did fall down and die. Gee, how great would that be?

And all this reminds me that I’ve been meaning the book The One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. I have heard it’s good; can anyone vouch for that?


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  1. tcm.

    “fair share of opportunities.” Well, I am glad you feel this way! But as for the fair share…I am not sure we (as humans) are capable of determining what our fair share really is! (Maybe what we think it should be…) … But here’s a thought, when we die, yes, we have completed the work of the Lord (or run away from it and He just gets angry with our disobedience) but soon enough after that, we will have a new earth! And YOU know how much time we’re gonna get…Man! Talk about no work, ALL play! And when we die, I don’t think we will be capable of looking back and regretting things (the Lord will regret things for us!) but I’m sure not gonna be standing there and thinking, “man Lord, of all the doggone times…I didn’t even get to see Mt. Everest!”… Ya…that would probably not be a wise move…heh heh.

    As for the book, it sounds interesting, and I shall look it up! Thanks! And thanks for an incredible weekend! It’s been a long time since I’ve had that much fun! 😛

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