spring equinox

Today is:
–  March 20.
–  First day of spring.
–  The spring equinox.

I feel like I’ve talked about this before, but I’m just fascinated by this stuff, so I’m writing it for my own pleasure, and it can’t hurt you to know this either.

If you lived on the equator, today would be equal night and equal day. From this point on, there is more day than night.

Part 1

Spring equinox
At the equators, it’s even day and even night. The days are getting longer (sun is up longer) and from this point on, there’s more sun than dark.

*Summer solstice (Midsummer’s Day),
Longest day of the year. The days start getting shorter.

Fall equinox
Similar to the spring equinox, the night and day are even. After this day, there is increasingly  more night than day.

*Winter solstice 
Shortest day of the year. After this day, the days start getting longer.

This is exciting stuff. Please go find a way to celebrate.

* It’s interesting to note that some cultures celebrate these. Particularly, I know of people celebrating Midsummer’s Day and also the winter solstice.

In some Scandinavian countries, I think they observe both solstices. In a place where the seasonal changes of the sun are so dramatic, I can understand why (in the summer, the sun never really sets, and it barely rises in the winter). I believe that Midsummer’s is a big deal, and then I think St. Lucia’s day is used to mark the winter solstice.

Somehow, I think this is why we celebrate Christmas on the 25 of December. Pagans used to have the Celebration of the Sun on the winter solstice. Christians decided to place the Celebration of the Son -which we call Christmas now- over that holiday (I guess as an alternative/way to try to redeem the holiday), and now modern calendars place that day on December 25.

Part 2

I have this aspiration to one day host a sweet Midsummer’s Day celebration.

This is my plan:
– Host it in Minnesota (which seems like the Scandinavian part of the US)
– Have a May pole, unless I discover there’s some pagan tradition tied to it .
– Eat out of doors (obviously).
– Have a white and navy blue color theme, consistent with that area
– There has to be a lake. With a dock. With boats.
– Get some of those sweet old lanterns to use when the sun finally goes down

Since there is little hope of this realistically ever happening, I am going to write down a detailed description of what I want, commit it to memory, hope that we will have all of our memories in heaven, and have my party up there.

Let me know if you want an invite, and I’ll commit that to memory also.


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