There is no evaluative statement in the following. I was just struck by the realization of the diverse communication options available to the average person in developed nations.

If you wanted to get a hold of me, you could…

1. Come see me in person

2. Call me on my cell phone

3. Call me at work

4. Leave a written message

5. Mail me a letter/postcard

6. Email me at one of my two school email addresses, four personal addresses, or work email

7. Facebook me- message or wall

8. Use twitter (I conformed to Wycliffe pressure)

9. Skype me

10. Leave a comment on one of my two stellar blogs.

So if you’ve been out of touch, dying to reach me, please, take your pick.



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2 responses to “contact

  1. dragonmage06

    It’s true, man, there are tons of ways to get in touch with people nowadays and yet we can still feel so isolated. A conundrum if ever there was one.

  2. Roxana!
    can [url=]you[/url] At the lowest level, all computers are programmed with strings of ones and zeroes

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