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the visit

The other day, the brothers Phil, ‘oss, and Mr. Phize paid a visit to the Flat.

“What ma’am has been occupying your hours?” they asked.
“Well I’m working hard to graduate this term and I’m working hard ‘asides,” I answered.

“Any case they’ll be any articles on epistomology from the Flat in the future?”
“You never know what you’ll hear from the Flat- half the time I don’t.”

“Speaking as one who’ll soon be a B.A., what do you plan to do with your bright future?”
“Lord willing, I’ll be living in flat in Britain before the onset of autumn.”
“I plan to move to England for a year, volunteering with an organization there.”

“Shall output from the Flat suffer?”
“I shudder to think. Just sit tight, friends, and we’ll see what becomes of the philosophizer post-graduation.”

Then I gave them some biscuits and scones and shooed them out the door.


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This one begins with a little quiz.


Digo.   Tira.   Guanano.   Mewkwaki.

These are:
a. the names of four cities in Guatemala
b. four types of plants in the Amazon
c. four ancient Mayan gods
d. the names of four languages

Your answer please.

Today at Wycliffe, they had a Scripture celebration. They dedicated Scripture for 11 different languages that were previously without any Scripture or what they had was little or poor.

One of these 11 was actually for a language in the continental US (didn’t know we had languages left here, did you?). They have completed several Scripture portions in the Meskwaki language, which is the language of the Algonquian people.

A lot of Algonquians live in the Iowa area, and the languages has just several hundred speakers today. Having the language written down and having literature in the language will help encourage literacy in the language and keep it from dying out.

This is just absolutely incredible. Thousands of people can now hear God speak to them in their own language through his Word.

That’s 11 down for Vision 2025!


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proverbial “last straw”

That’s it.

I’m over it. I’ve had it.

I understand that it’s in vogue right now to be up on technology. I understand that there’s merit to using it well and using to effectively to meet your needs. I understand social networking is the buzzword of the previous year and likely this year.

Technology is cool. Using technology well is cool. but being into technology is geeky. Remember high school? The kids that knew computers weren’t your Abercrombie and Fitch clique.

I work around a lot of older (50 is probably the average age) people. They have all recently gotten on facebook. It’s bemusing to walk by a conversation 40-50 year olds and hear one of them say to another, “Well if you look on my facebook page…”

Talking about Twitter,  has suddenly become the default conversation topic among my spheres. Seriously? Twitter? It’s what everyone talks about but no one actually uses.

I went to hear a live talk by Dave Ramsey about the economy last night. After he gave his piece on how we need to stop freaking out, because the economy is really not that bad, he took questions from the audience.

I don’t know why they thought it would make people like them better if they advertised all of mediums of question-collecting they were using (in my mind, that’s not what we were there to hear about. And who cares if you can get people to respond to you in a bunch of different ways?)

But they continually pointed out all the ways they were collecting questions. They took a question from the audience. They took a phone call. They took an emailed question. They played a person over youtube. They took a question via Twitter, and, of course, from facebook. Seriously?! I don’t care. The only thing I think they were missing was Skype.

There must be a limit.

No. I just did some online banking. Home page:  “Find us on Facebook” sticker.


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c. list

I love coffee always, but I have an on-again, off-again relationship with it (don’t want to get dependent on it). Lately, we have been very on.

:: Tuesday ::  Starbucks Breakfast Blend, home-brewed; French vanilla cappuccino from machine at work. Possible stop after work: 50 cent-coffee day at Dunkin’ Donuts.

:: Monday ::  Grande cappuccino from Starbucks

:: Sunday ::  Starbucks Breakfast Blend, home-brewed

:: Saturday ::  Left-over Barnie’s Irish creme, home-brewed.



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“Da Jesus Book”

“God wen get so plenny love an aloha fo da peopo inside da world, dat he wen send me, his one an ony Boy, so dat everybody dat trus me no get cut off from God, but get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva.”

Do you understand that? Do you recognize it?

It’s John 3:16 in Hawaiian Pidgin.

You might know it more along these lines: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

More, you clamor? Okay:

“So den, wat bout us guys? All dose peopo dat wen trus God befo time, jalike dey all wen run one race. An now, jalike dey all stay standing aroun us, watching us run da race, an showing us how fo do um. So we gotta gemo all dat stuff dat make us run slow, you know, dat bad kine stuff dat jam us all up. We gotta hang in dea an finish da race dat God wen pick fo us.” – Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 12:1

Five points to the person who can recognize this verse and put it into ASE (American Standard English).

Source: Da Jesus Book. Wycliffe Bible Translators. 2000.


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young, single, female.

And the advantages of being such. (I don’t know if young married women have some of these advantages too, but I have no experience or prerogative to comment there). I have to admit, I had one of my favorite bloggers in mind, Baggervais, when I wrote this. It’s very much an attitude he would probably appreciate.

– They can get away with shrieking and laughing when they fancy

– I’ve been told they can get things for free sometimes, but I’ve never really experimented with this one

– At car places, everyone is really nice and patient with them and will even offer to change the wiperblades or whatever for them

– They are in an relatively unintimidating and approachable category so people end up being more friendly

– Young, single guys might end up liking them

– They are allowed to be emotional or slightly dramatic in different situations, even if it’s partly for the other person’s enjoyment

– Unless they are drop-dead gorgeous and look like they know it, most people are predisoposed to think the best of them

– Nobody minds them too much because they seem harmless

– They are allowed to say that they don’t know how to do some things and it doesn’t count against them; sometimes it’s a plus


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for the edification of your vocabulary

You know that song that everyone always sings on Easter? That hymn that contains the phrase, “ineffably sublime”?

I got asked what exactly that meant yesterday. I did my best.

Today, I verified my answer, and I’m pleased to say that I pretty nearly got it. Like me, you might know the sense of this phrase but not quite sure that you could express the definition accurately.

So here’s to dictionaries!

ineffable– inexpressible; unable to be properly described or expressed in words

sublime– supreme or outstanding; raised high


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