young, single, female.

And the advantages of being such. (I don’t know if young married women have some of these advantages too, but I have no experience or prerogative to comment there). I have to admit, I had one of my favorite bloggers in mind, Baggervais, when I wrote this. It’s very much an attitude he would probably appreciate.

– They can get away with shrieking and laughing when they fancy

– I’ve been told they can get things for free sometimes, but I’ve never really experimented with this one

– At car places, everyone is really nice and patient with them and will even offer to change the wiperblades or whatever for them

– They are in an relatively unintimidating and approachable category so people end up being more friendly

– Young, single guys might end up liking them

– They are allowed to be emotional or slightly dramatic in different situations, even if it’s partly for the other person’s enjoyment

– Unless they are drop-dead gorgeous and look like they know it, most people are predisoposed to think the best of them

– Nobody minds them too much because they seem harmless

– They are allowed to say that they don’t know how to do some things and it doesn’t count against them; sometimes it’s a plus



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3 responses to “young, single, female.

  1. Allison

    Interesting observations…

  2. tcm.

    So what you’re really saying is…

    -They are unusually loud and obnoxious
    -They kiss butt and scam free things
    -They take advantage of others’ generosity
    -They hide their alternate reasonings beneath a mask of innocence
    -Old, married guys might like them too
    -They get their way whenever they want
    -They have successfully manipulated the general public into believing they are naive
    -They usually make the best serial killers
    -They get away their entire life learning one basic skill, such as cooking, and nobody blames them

    😀 Hmmm….(I see right through you)

  3. can no one take me at face-value anymore?! 🙂

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