This one begins with a little quiz.


Digo.   Tira.   Guanano.   Mewkwaki.

These are:
a. the names of four cities in Guatemala
b. four types of plants in the Amazon
c. four ancient Mayan gods
d. the names of four languages

Your answer please.

Today at Wycliffe, they had a Scripture celebration. They dedicated Scripture for 11 different languages that were previously without any Scripture or what they had was little or poor.

One of these 11 was actually for a language in the continental US (didn’t know we had languages left here, did you?). They have completed several Scripture portions in the Meskwaki language, which is the language of the Algonquian people.

A lot of Algonquians live in the Iowa area, and the languages has just several hundred speakers today. Having the language written down and having literature in the language will help encourage literacy in the language and keep it from dying out.

This is just absolutely incredible. Thousands of people can now hear God speak to them in their own language through his Word.

That’s 11 down for Vision 2025!



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