the visit

The other day, the brothers Phil, ‘oss, and Mr. Phize paid a visit to the Flat.

“What ma’am has been occupying your hours?” they asked.
“Well I’m working hard to graduate this term and I’m working hard ‘asides,” I answered.

“Any case they’ll be any articles on epistomology from the Flat in the future?”
“You never know what you’ll hear from the Flat- half the time I don’t.”

“Speaking as one who’ll soon be a B.A., what do you plan to do with your bright future?”
“Lord willing, I’ll be living in flat in Britain before the onset of autumn.”
“I plan to move to England for a year, volunteering with an organization there.”

“Shall output from the Flat suffer?”
“I shudder to think. Just sit tight, friends, and we’ll see what becomes of the philosophizer post-graduation.”

Then I gave them some biscuits and scones and shooed them out the door.


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  1. Anna

    haha.. this is SO you and I love it!! I’m looking forward to whatever posts London inspires! Send us a support letter please 🙂

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