“The World in Words”

I hope you don’t run into me within the next few days. If you do, prepare to hear at least one anecdote about my latest obsession, “The World in Words” podcast.

It seems to be hand-designed to interest me. I like everything they talk about, probably because they are talking about everything I like.

The podcast is all about languages.

The host is Patrick Cox. He’s talks about pidgins and creoles, language-learning trends, translation difficulties… It just too good. It’s put on by the BBC and Public Radio International (PRI). I first heard about it when Mr. Cox came to Wycliffe to interview Wycliffe USA’s president, Bob Creson.

I’ve downloaded all of the episodes I’ve missed and subscribed for future. Fortunately, it’s been broadcasting for a while, so it will be a week or two before I caught up and have to wait for the weekly installments.

Topic broadcasting simultaneously on {Mythopoetic}.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this podcast. Listening to it now.

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