with kids.

I grew up with three siblings, loads of kids, and I’m seasoned babysitter. I’m not naive. But kids never cease to astound. Yesterday, I had my friend’s three youngest kids, ages 9, 4, and 3.

Within a three hour time block I:

  • Let them scale the parking lot handicapped signs. The 4 year old can get to the top!
  • Endured a crying fit from the 4 year old because he didn’t want to leave his sister
  • Lost to the little scoundrel for the sake of propriety (hey, he’s not my kid) 
  • Made up with him later when he came and sat on my knee
  • Heard the best mis-speak from the 9 year old, “But we don’t like to go there. We’re like… scary cats…”
  • Told one of them to lick his hand completely clean (better that than chocolate smeared all over my car)
  • Wiped the other kid’s fingers on his shirt in lieu of napkins
  •  Prevented them from trolling out the window with a yoyo while we were driving home

Bless their mother.


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  1. dragonmage06

    Wow, they sound like a handful, but a very amusing handful at the least. Sounds like you are great at handling them, too! When do you leave for your England trip?

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