total it up

Wycliffe calls their introductory linguistics and translation course Taste of Translation and Linguistics, or ,  TOTAL It Up!

It’s a week long course, covering anthropology, phonetics, phonology, grammar, translation, and literacy work. A few of my friends have taken it, and they said it was great.

Lord willing, I’ll be leaving my job about the same time in August, and I can take this during August before I leave for London the first of September. It’s about $200 to take the class, including room and board. I’m interested in linguistics and in continuing to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators, so I figure it’s worth a week and $200 to see if I could have a future with linguistics.

Linguistics is super-hard, though, and my mind got so dull with easy class the past two years. What kind of government jobs can you get being a linguist?


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