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my shower curtain.

I noticed something this morning. The shower curtain at my summer lodings is white with clear letters. There are two or three words per line, the words are different for a couple lines, then the stanzas start to repeat.

Relax, bathe, soak. Relax, bathe soak.
Scrub, condition. Scrub, condition.
Read, loofah, shave. Read, loofah, shave.
Shower, later. Shower, later.

Shower later?!

I looked again.

Shower, lather. Shower, lather. *phew.


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I apologize if you have to catch a ride with me. I really do.

I’ll verbally warn you that there’s no air conditioning. I’ll neglect to mention any possibility of breaking down, and I’ll refrain from telling you about it ceasing to run for me last week.

When it rains, I’ll wait to explain until the last possible moment that even though it’s pouring torrentially (oh wait, there actually was a tropical storm warning???) I need you to either keep your window rolled down or I have to run the defroster on hot hair to maintain visibility. Lack of air conditioning, remember?

If you’re the lucky third person who has to crawl into the back seat of my little two-door, I’ll just remark about how little my car is. I’m sure you’ll understand. Men over six feet tall very nearly can’t fit into my car, front or back seat.

About the windows always down… I’m also actually also considering having passengers sign a waver to protect me if they get mugged by someone crossing the street while we’re idling at a stop light with the windows down (creeps, please don’t get any ideas).

All that said, if you need a ride, give me a ring.


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I’m not suffering.

I used to think that people living in developed nations were wimps when they talked about their problems.  A third of the world is wondering how they will get enough food to survive the week, and we are talking about how hard our life is because our car is breaking down.

Oh, wait, my car did actually break down on me last week. I used to think, “Our problems are nothing compared to the rest of the world.” That may still  be true from a certain perspective. That doesn’t mean that we don’t still have problems.

Even here, in America, people get murdered, die from rampant illness or a disease. Families are broken here. People do suffer here.

I still do think Christians shouldn’t try to pass off the suffering that comes with being human as “suffering for Christ”. There is suffering that comes distinctly to believers, but there is just plain suffering too. I don’t think my recent car woes were because I am a Christian; I’m pretty sure that nonchristians have had their cars break down.

Mostly, I’ve changed my position about who experiences “the most suffering” or who should be most able to say that their life is tough, because it seems wrong to belittle anyone’s legitimate pain. And who am I to make the call?

According to  Strength Finders 2.0, one of my five strenghts is emphathy. I don’t think that my empathy always turns into the emotion of sympathy. But just know that I do understand.

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prep for London

These are my current get-to London tasks:

1. Get to work on getting my papers from LCM so I can apply for my visa.

2. Setting support benchmarks (currently just shy of $1500 pledged!)

3. Writing first batch of thank-you notes

I’m bad at dealing with tumult, though I like the excitement. Friday, I’m having lunch with my friend Stephanie, who is also London-bound with LCM, so I’m hoping that we’ll pump each other up to perservere and pray.

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questions of the day

How do I know what I should do after London?

What sort of job should I pursue?

Is drinking from plastic water bottles really that bad for you?

How do I know that I am doing the right thing?

How many miles should I try to run?

Is it always like this?

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