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wanting my parents to be God

It’s important to not mix God up with your parents. It’s really important to not confuse Him with anyone, actually.

I suppose we have a penchant to deify anyone of esteem in our lives- spouses, children, friends. God can seem pretty intangible at times and what is more tangible than another human? So why not take all that expectation and plop it onto a person?

My parents are great. I realized that my biggest complain against them is extremely unreasonable. Like most children, I started out believing that they were perfect and the day I realized they weren’t was rather sad.

Yesterday, I went to call my mom. Before I did, I thought over what I wanted to talk about and what sort of response I was hoping to solicit from her. Immediately afterward, I thought, “Gee, Rachel. Those are some pretty impossible expectations. She’d have to be perfect to do all that.”

I then realized that I have been wanting my parents to be God.

What sort of twisted idolatry is that?



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watch your clocks

What’s today? Wednesday, yes. Day before the day before I leave to see my family in Maryland, yes.

It’s July 8, 2009. Put another way, 7.8.09. It’s 7-8-9 today.

This should be easy for you, if you’re one of my working friends. You’ll probably already be watching the clock waiting to spring from work.

Today at 4:56, it will be

Auspicious, I know. Anything to liven up your day.

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the “p” in dreamt

The other day, I was trying to spell “dreamt”.

In case you didn’t know, it’s spelled D-R-E-A-M-T.

I kept thinking there was a “p” in there somewhere. Say it. “Dreamt”. I said it over and over again, trying to figure out how to spell it without cheating and using spell checker, “Dreamt… Dre-amt… DREMpt.”

You can’t say it a bit of a “p” sound in between the “m” and the “t”. After pronouncing the “m” sound, you have to make a “p” sound to get your lips and tongue in the right place to prouunce the “t”. It’s virtually impossible to dodge that little puff of air known as our “p” sound.

Try it.

But be ye warned when you’re spelling it. There’s no “p”.


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