wanting my parents to be God

It’s important to not mix God up with your parents. It’s really important to not confuse Him with anyone, actually.

I suppose we have a penchant to deify anyone of esteem in our lives- spouses, children, friends. God can seem pretty intangible at times and what is more tangible than another human? So why not take all that expectation and plop it onto a person?

My parents are great. I realized that my biggest complain against them is extremely unreasonable. Like most children, I started out believing that they were perfect and the day I realized they weren’t was rather sad.

Yesterday, I went to call my mom. Before I did, I thought over what I wanted to talk about and what sort of response I was hoping to solicit from her. Immediately afterward, I thought, “Gee, Rachel. Those are some pretty impossible expectations. She’d have to be perfect to do all that.”

I then realized that I have been wanting my parents to be God.

What sort of twisted idolatry is that?



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2 responses to “wanting my parents to be God

  1. I received your letter! I’ll call you soon!! I want to hear how your support trail is going!!

    Thanks for sharing and being honest!

  2. tcm.

    “…a penchant to deify…” Wow. Almost sounds like Charles Dickens. I don’t even care what you’re writing about if you continue to use language like this….deng. 🙂 (ps hope you’re feeling better!)

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