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I saw him first.



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I forget the peril.

I’m as cowardly and lazy as the next [wo]man. I try to minimize discomfort, strain, and uncertainty.

It’s a pity that life, or God, tends to not allow too much of this. Yet again, I know it does good things, like makes us grow and mature.

I’m not doing anything ground-breaking here. I’m simply moving abroad. For only a year, I may add. People do that all the time- business, fun, change of scenery. They have to go through everything I’ve gone through. So I really can’t claim hardship because of doing this in partnership with God.

I’m saying good-bye to people.
Heavens, it’s not that long. It’s only a year. I have friends who pop in and out of my life at longer intervals than that and we manage to reconnect sufficiently. It’s not as though I were going away forever.

I have been treating this very similarly to how I watch action and adventure movies. I focus on the nice scene-setting portion, lament the conflict that dominates at least 80% of the feature, and then savor the final minutes where all is resolved.

I dislike the peril that is incumbent to adventures.

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pleased as punch.

I had oft wondered the origin of this idiom. It wasn’t an uncommmon one around our household.

This morning, as I read Hard Times I ran across it. So it had to have been prevalent even before the mid-1850’s. Dicken’s work is rife with cultural references now out-dated, so my copy puts in little super-scripts and includes explanations for all of them at the end of the book.  They included on for this idiom as well.

“‘When Sissy got into the school here,’ he pursued, ‘her father was as pleased as Punch,’ ” was the sentence where it was used.

And in the back it said this:
“pleased as punch. In Punch and Judy shows, the puppet-hero repeatedly burst into self-congratulatory appluasse (usually after comitting some act of violence), so the phrase has taken on a proverbial status meaning to be excessively pleased with oneself.”

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blogger is back.

Things I have done this week:
Attended a 5 day, virtually 8-to-8 translation and linguistics course, which ended today. Tried to use paint to fix a picture (true story; see previous item). Scurried around for hours trying to send off my visa application. Over-nighted my visa application to Chicago. Met some really cool new people. Tried to cut class with a friend of mine, only to be thwarted, unknowingly on their part, though.

Things I shall do this next week:
Sell my car, Lord willing. See my friends in town for a final [12 month] adieu. Pack up my stuff, once again. Raise $1000 more support. Finish sending out thank-you notes.

Things I have thought:
I really miss tutoring my student-athletes. I am really going to miss everyone at Wycliffe. I’m seriously wondering if I’ll get my visa in time to leave September 3.

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my .15 seconds of fame

Wycliffe is a well-recognized organization, and now I get prove that I actually to get to help them.

You were bound to find this on the web and watch it anyway. So I’ll just show it to you now, and discreetly point out the blip of a second where you can see me in the video.

This video doesn’t exist


That’s me at :40, giving people a tour of the Discovery Center.

Hoorah for my job with Wycliffe (at least until the end of the week). After that, I have to quit, so I can go to London. But hey, Wycliffe has work to do, at least until 2025, so maybe I’ll come back and beg for a niche within the company once again.


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on my shampoo

I can’t buy everything in London, especially considering the exchange rate and the more expensive prices in large cities. To that end, I figured my suitcase could handle two large bottles, one of shampoo and one of conditioner.

The nice lady cutting my hair a week or so ago acted interested and excited about my year long trip to London. She didn’t neglect to mention how the hair products I normally use happened to be on sale (the two for the price of one deal). Well I was thinking of getting both anyway, so if it truly was cheaper this week, that’s great.

“It’s perfect too,” she said. “Because these bottles last you about a year.”
“Really?” I thought to myself. “I don’t remember that my last round stretched a whole year.”
They won’t.

I happened to look at the size of the bottles the first time I used them.

Now I’m not good at math, so I have used the calculator on my computer as I have composed this post, to insure accuracy. The bottles, both the shampoo and conditioner, are 33.8 ounces each.

Let’s say I use 1/2 an ounce (about a tablespoon size) per shower. Rounding down, let’s figure from 33 ounces

If I use 1/2 ounce from each every shower, it’ll last me 66 uses.
If I shower just once a week, the bottles will last me 1.26 years

However, I like to keep my job and friends

If I shower 5 times a week, at 1/2 ounce a pop, the bottles will last me 20.8 weeks, which is 40% of a year.

It looks like I’ll be buying a new set when I am back for the Christmas holiday.

Just in case you were curious.


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