my .15 seconds of fame

Wycliffe is a well-recognized organization, and now I get prove that I actually to get to help them.

You were bound to find this on the web and watch it anyway. So I’ll just show it to you now, and discreetly point out the blip of a second where you can see me in the video.

This video doesn’t exist


That’s me at :40, giving people a tour of the Discovery Center.

Hoorah for my job with Wycliffe (at least until the end of the week). After that, I have to quit, so I can go to London. But hey, Wycliffe has work to do, at least until 2025, so maybe I’ll come back and beg for a niche within the company once again.



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4 responses to “my .15 seconds of fame

  1. I really think that you will always find a niche no matter where you go. (I am soooo cheesy but seriously.)

  2. tcm.

    Wow! You’re gonna be famous! They will HAVE to let you back in with acting and glamour like THAT! 🙂

  3. dragonmage06

    Pretty dang cool 😀 I bet you can’t wait to go to London, though, right? I know I’d be totally psyched.

  4. allison

    So famous! Wow, I am so glad I know you!!

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