blogger is back.

Things I have done this week:
Attended a 5 day, virtually 8-to-8 translation and linguistics course, which ended today. Tried to use paint to fix a picture (true story; see previous item). Scurried around for hours trying to send off my visa application. Over-nighted my visa application to Chicago. Met some really cool new people. Tried to cut class with a friend of mine, only to be thwarted, unknowingly on their part, though.

Things I shall do this next week:
Sell my car, Lord willing. See my friends in town for a final [12 month] adieu. Pack up my stuff, once again. Raise $1000 more support. Finish sending out thank-you notes.

Things I have thought:
I really miss tutoring my student-athletes. I am really going to miss everyone at Wycliffe. I’m seriously wondering if I’ll get my visa in time to leave September 3.


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