I forget the peril.

I’m as cowardly and lazy as the next [wo]man. I try to minimize discomfort, strain, and uncertainty.

It’s a pity that life, or God, tends to not allow too much of this. Yet again, I know it does good things, like makes us grow and mature.

I’m not doing anything ground-breaking here. I’m simply moving abroad. For only a year, I may add. People do that all the time- business, fun, change of scenery. They have to go through everything I’ve gone through. So I really can’t claim hardship because of doing this in partnership with God.

I’m saying good-bye to people.
Heavens, it’s not that long. It’s only a year. I have friends who pop in and out of my life at longer intervals than that and we manage to reconnect sufficiently. It’s not as though I were going away forever.

I have been treating this very similarly to how I watch action and adventure movies. I focus on the nice scene-setting portion, lament the conflict that dominates at least 80% of the feature, and then savor the final minutes where all is resolved.

I dislike the peril that is incumbent to adventures.


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  1. tcm.

    Ah, my bonnie lass, but what would be an Adventure without Peril? That in itself is the definition. It is hard to ‘man’ up to such things though I will agree. Prayn for ya like everything!

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