little bits.

// It’s so weird to think that I’ll be here a year. It doesn’t feel like home at all yet, except for my really comfortable bed and duvet.

// Nothing’s as diverse as a city of 8 million people.

// Every day when I go to work, I have to take the tube into the financial district where all the young professional suits going to work. It’s really rough.

// It’s hard for me to keep my focus here, because I still feel like I need to worry about myself.

// I’ve already found a good friend in my flatmate, and hope to begin to develop new friendships soon.

// Currently taking suggestions on churches in the area.



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4 responses to “little bits.

  1. tcm.

    What’s a…Duvet? Tube? I am glad to hear you are enjoying the city…keep on truckn’! Life is exciting, (especially when it’s tough!)

  2. duvet “doo-vey”. it’s a bed comforter basically.

    tube. the underground.

  3. hey there! i’ve got good friends who are working in london – tom and ashley carpenter. i went to rts orlando with tom and my husband has been friends with them for years. …just found a link to their church

    hope that helps!

  4. ok…i think your blog ate my first comment attempt. here goes again…

    my husband and i are good friends with a pastor in london. the church is “city of peace.” tom and ashley are great and omar and i went to rts orlando with tom.

    here are a couple of links:

    hope that helps!

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