dave ramsey and such

“Turns out, McDonald’s does serve hot coffee.”- Dave Ramsey, speaking on people finding the necessity of spending less.

I haven’t read all his bookThe Total Money Makeover, just perused the main points one afternoon in a bookstore. My parents and brother have taken his Financial Peace University course, but I haven’t yet. He has something like five steps to financial freedom/security/etc. I think I have met the first three. The next is investments and then stuff about when you own a house. So learning to invest seems to be the next possible step for me.

Where I work serves hot coffee too, and I get it for free. Dave would be so proud of me.



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2 responses to “dave ramsey and such

  1. tcm.

    Really? I thought they got sued for having coffee that was hot. Hmm…lol. Good book though. Not a seat edge sitter…but good points. You should take Crown Financial Ministry seminar if ever you get the chance. Kind of the same sort of class. 🙂 (And speaking of coffee, I literally drink it by the POT. Good points in with Dave ‘ol chap.)

  2. Allison

    Dave Ramsey cracks me up. You would enjoy the class.

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