passionate person, currently unemployed

My passion comes in fits and blurts.

The way I use the word could make it also be synonymous with “obsession”. Passionate about something or someone. I have several fixed passions, ones that may evolve and re-express themselves throughout my life, but will never disappear. Others crop up and later diminish.

If I’m excited about it, everyone will know. If you interview some of my family or my former roommates, they would probably give you a litany of my former and current passions.

So here am I, in London. I am currently in the market for something to get passionate about. I am working a lot and with people a lot. I don’t have loads of time, but I have time for some pursuits. I’ve been working through my goals for the year and there is space in the hobbies/obsessions/past-times area.

I am a passionate person, guys. I need fodder.

Some things I’m considering:

– Maintaining running with the goals of running a few 5k while I am here

– Picking out a country, researching it and keeping abreast of current events there, and drawing a map of it

– Knitting (don’t laugh; they put my in a knitting class at work)

– Coffee (learning all I can about it)

– Decoding London: getting all the maps and guidebooks I can and studying the heck out them

Any other suggestions, let me know. There’s never any postal strikes on blog comments.


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