what i miss about america.

. morning coffee, hazelnut creamer, pastry, and fruit with MB.

. chipotle.

. hummus and carrots with katie. (this was usually me consuming massive amounts of hummus on scant carrots while Katie consumed half of a bag of carrots plain)

. panera bread.

. guacamole, and really any mexican.



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2 responses to “what i miss about america.

  1. Hi there-
    I am a stranger who saw your comment on Kate’s blog and then proceeded to click on you…anyway, it is a small world and I am friends with Tom and Ashley Carpenter…
    we are serving with World Harvest in Vienna and I know what it is like to learn a new city and miss things about America…especially good Mexican:)
    Anyway-I will pray for your adjustment to London! Blessings on your new journey 🙂

  2. And I know you miss cleaning with me. Best part about America is your amazing cleaning partner! Hope all is well in England. Kristi and I have hung out a few times, she is a wild child now that you have left!

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