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He wuz here

“Go into as many houses as possible because Jesus goes there before you.” I heard that today during our Biblestudy time at work. It was advice one of my co-workers had received from another missionary.

We were reading the bit in Isaiah 58:8 “… then your righteousness will go before you” or alternatively, “your righteous one will go before you”.

But not only that.  A Christian has Holy Spirit in them and more, since God is Three and One simultaneously.

So if you go somewhere Jesus goes too. If you go visit people or knock on doors (as we do regularly here), Jesus has gone to that house or stood on that doorstep. Can you imagine if you sit down with someone and knew that Jesus was there for tea also?

Here we are trying to get to know people and introduce them to Jesus, and He goes with us each time we meet someone. That should make things easier, shouldn’t it?


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newsletter no. 2

So I’ve just sent off my second official newsletter earlier this week. If you wanted to receive the email and didn’t please give me your email address.

I have just a few short weeks here before I’m back to America for Christmas.

I’ll return to England December 30, spend New Years a bit further north with a teammate, and return to my work here in London on January 3.

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in defence of facebook.

I am going to skip past the introduction where I talk about how facebook has revolutionized the world and get straight to it.

As much as I dislike the term, social media can be really useful. I very rarely hear genuine, serious criticism about facebook, so I think the general populous must agree that it’s all right.

The critics are often fb users themselves, so imagine that they are just musing about the perceived defects, large or small, depending on the person. The disparagement that I do hear about it seems to have the same undercurrent.

objection no. 1 fb cheapens relationships

objection no. 2 fb allows users to play it safe with how impersonal it is

objection no. 3 people can “create” themselves on facebook

My immediate rebuttal to both of the first objections is that fb is a tool. Mismanagement is the fault of the wielder, not the tool.

So what if people publish their relationship statuses on fb? There are too many people to keep up with all of them, and it’s nice to know that so-and-so from camp eight years ago got married.

For all this jabber about the loss of “real” conversations and interaction, I don’t see that anything has been lost. Face-to-face communication is resilient and enduring. People instinctively know that they need it or something. I don’t see that fb has in anyway diminished or decreased this.

People that spend ages (excuse my british english) on fb would find other ways to waste time if it didn’t exist.

It has been decried as the facilitator of fake, shallow, or meaningless relationships. Those who will to have relationships like any of the above can do so without a social network. A genuine person will not change when they are logged onto a profile. And the person who is in some weird, co-dependent relationship is to be pitied, or dragged away from the computer by a good friend.

As for no. 3, who are we kidding? It’s like the kid who uses the thesaurus on MS Word to puff up his vocabulary in a paper. Usually, it’s quite obvious what he did. Of course people put their best forth on fb, but what discerning person cannot take the material they see and make a perceptive judgment on the person? People can’t hide themselves that well.

That’s basically all. I am going to stop before I have to write “facebook” another time. As much as I appreciate the concept, it’s a really ugly word, as most compound words are.

** a note about my capitalization. I am currently experimenting with how I want to use it. Sorry if it offends your eyes or sensibilities.

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guy fawkes in the UK

November 5 comes just once a year. I was so excited to celebrate Guy Fawkes day legitimately this year, being in the UK and all. Apparently, it’s just “bonfire night” in the vernacular, although it can be called Guy Fawkes day. And contrary to my research, none of my friends knew anyone who burned a Guy Fawkes in effigy. But that’s kind of okay with me.

It appears it is celebrated with firework displays and eating out of doors.

Sadly, I had to work at night, so I marked the day by making my first trip to the Tower of London, where Guy Fawkes was imprisoned before his execution. I could hear firework going off at night. We had a little celebration planned for Saturday night, so that consoled me.

So two nights later, when we were out in the country, we had our Bonfire Night celebration. Grilled chicken, sausages, “chips”, and toffee for dinner and then the boys set off fireworks.  Now that I know what the common Brit does, I shall continue to mark this day myself.

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that’s all baby.

My blog is what I will for it to be, and I steer away from it being too personal or divulging. But, I imagine you can get a pretty good picture of what I am like (especially if you’re one of my actual friends who reads this).

I read a lot of other people’s blogs. Of course, most push forth the fun, the exciting, and of course the good pictures for their blog. Who wouldn’t. Yet you can get the essence of the person’s life through their posts, the gist of things. Some of them have really awesome things happening in their lives (not to mention they have photoshop).

In my life, there are things that I want, things that I wish would be. But those things aren’t right now. I can’t force certain things into my life. And I really do like my life now as well. It’s just that sometimes I wish my life, or my blog, could be different. Maybe that I’d be different.

But this is who I am now, so this is what you get.


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a completed pilgrimage.

During my sophomore year of high school, I was obsessed with Tudor England. The obsession probably seeped over a bit into my junior year and probably started in my freshman year. Then, I could have probably given you all the facts you’d bear to hear about the Tudors and alongside about the Tower of London.

I got here in the first bit of September, now two months later, I’ve finally been to the Tower!

I saw the spot where poor notables such as Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard were killed, the Beauchamp Tower, and went into the White Tower. Even saw the crown jewels. Apparently, the diamond in one of them is the largest in the world? Isn’t that what the Hope Diamond was supposed to be famous for? Anyway, I can’t wait to go back, there’s still lots to see.

Oh, and I saw the ravens; can’t forget the ravens.

sml tower

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serious business.

I went to Belfast yesterday. Flew out  in the morning and returned at same night- first time I’ve done a roundtrip all in one day. I was there on business with my co-worker for the organization I am here in London with (sorry that I’m ending this sentence with a preposition).

The trip was great, long day, etc. We got up at 4 am to get  to the airport and fly out and were going all day. I didn’t get back until eleven. The airports and exhibiting made it hard to eat well, but especially to get enough to drink. Everyone around me is catching sickness; it’s not time to mess around. Airports prevented me from bringing water in my bag. I really to get over myself and just buy bottled water when I need it.

Anyway, per UKish tradition, we were offered a lot of tea, coffee, and “Squash” a drink kind of like Hawaiian punch. I managed a cup or two of coffee. When I was really desperate, I partially filled one of the mugs with the milk meant for slashing in tea or coffee. Finally at lunch, I scored a teeny glass of water, slammed that down, and ran and refilled it. Guys, don’t laugh at me, they don’t have water fountains over here. I haven’t seen one yet. Our flights were short to, so they charged you for anything to drink.

So this morning it’s time to get down to business. I am hoping my poor body will forgive me. In the hour since I got up, I’ve consumed:

– A small tumbler of apple juice
– One cup of instant coffee
– A bit of soy milk in half a bowl of cereal
– A second tumbler of apple juice
– One large glass of water
– Almost done with another mug of coffee and another glass of water.

Hoorah for water!

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