serious business.

I went to Belfast yesterday. Flew out  in the morning and returned at same night- first time I’ve done a roundtrip all in one day. I was there on business with my co-worker for the organization I am here in London with (sorry that I’m ending this sentence with a preposition).

The trip was great, long day, etc. We got up at 4 am to get  to the airport and fly out and were going all day. I didn’t get back until eleven. The airports and exhibiting made it hard to eat well, but especially to get enough to drink. Everyone around me is catching sickness; it’s not time to mess around. Airports prevented me from bringing water in my bag. I really to get over myself and just buy bottled water when I need it.

Anyway, per UKish tradition, we were offered a lot of tea, coffee, and “Squash” a drink kind of like Hawaiian punch. I managed a cup or two of coffee. When I was really desperate, I partially filled one of the mugs with the milk meant for slashing in tea or coffee. Finally at lunch, I scored a teeny glass of water, slammed that down, and ran and refilled it. Guys, don’t laugh at me, they don’t have water fountains over here. I haven’t seen one yet. Our flights were short to, so they charged you for anything to drink.

So this morning it’s time to get down to business. I am hoping my poor body will forgive me. In the hour since I got up, I’ve consumed:

– A small tumbler of apple juice
– One cup of instant coffee
– A bit of soy milk in half a bowl of cereal
– A second tumbler of apple juice
– One large glass of water
– Almost done with another mug of coffee and another glass of water.

Hoorah for water!


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