that’s all baby.

My blog is what I will for it to be, and I steer away from it being too personal or divulging. But, I imagine you can get a pretty good picture of what I am like (especially if you’re one of my actual friends who reads this).

I read a lot of other people’s blogs. Of course, most push forth the fun, the exciting, and of course the good pictures for their blog. Who wouldn’t. Yet you can get the essence of the person’s life through their posts, the gist of things. Some of them have really awesome things happening in their lives (not to mention they have photoshop).

In my life, there are things that I want, things that I wish would be. But those things aren’t right now. I can’t force certain things into my life. And I really do like my life now as well. It’s just that sometimes I wish my life, or my blog, could be different. Maybe that I’d be different.

But this is who I am now, so this is what you get.



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3 responses to “that’s all baby.

  1. Rach! You are a gem in blog world and real world!

    I struggle with the same thoughts while reading through other girls blogs.. wishing I was more capable in photo taking, gifted with words, organic eating, fashionable, interesting… and a ton more!! 🙂 It’s tough to not compare b/c there are so many neat people out there.. but I’ll bet they all feel the same way when reading our blogs!

    Wish you were home and we could do something crafty together!

  2. I love your blog… always fresh and very you. No photo-shopped, put-together alternative can compare.

  3. I don’t think I have ever seen inside you this deep. lol. Scary? Hmm….Is this what you were thinking? About photoshop and all? It sounded like you were thinking of other things…maybe noticing people in your cafe come in, and wishing you had that, but knowing that the time was not right…? Interesting…

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