in defence of facebook.

I am going to skip past the introduction where I talk about how facebook has revolutionized the world and get straight to it.

As much as I dislike the term, social media can be really useful. I very rarely hear genuine, serious criticism about facebook, so I think the general populous must agree that it’s all right.

The critics are often fb users themselves, so imagine that they are just musing about the perceived defects, large or small, depending on the person. The disparagement that I do hear about it seems to have the same undercurrent.

objection no. 1 fb cheapens relationships

objection no. 2 fb allows users to play it safe with how impersonal it is

objection no. 3 people can “create” themselves on facebook

My immediate rebuttal to both of the first objections is that fb is a tool. Mismanagement is the fault of the wielder, not the tool.

So what if people publish their relationship statuses on fb? There are too many people to keep up with all of them, and it’s nice to know that so-and-so from camp eight years ago got married.

For all this jabber about the loss of “real” conversations and interaction, I don’t see that anything has been lost. Face-to-face communication is resilient and enduring. People instinctively know that they need it or something. I don’t see that fb has in anyway diminished or decreased this.

People that spend ages (excuse my british english) on fb would find other ways to waste time if it didn’t exist.

It has been decried as the facilitator of fake, shallow, or meaningless relationships. Those who will to have relationships like any of the above can do so without a social network. A genuine person will not change when they are logged onto a profile. And the person who is in some weird, co-dependent relationship is to be pitied, or dragged away from the computer by a good friend.

As for no. 3, who are we kidding? It’s like the kid who uses the thesaurus on MS Word to puff up his vocabulary in a paper. Usually, it’s quite obvious what he did. Of course people put their best forth on fb, but what discerning person cannot take the material they see and make a perceptive judgment on the person? People can’t hide themselves that well.

That’s basically all. I am going to stop before I have to write “facebook” another time. As much as I appreciate the concept, it’s a really ugly word, as most compound words are.

** a note about my capitalization. I am currently experimenting with how I want to use it. Sorry if it offends your eyes or sensibilities.


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