He wuz here

“Go into as many houses as possible because Jesus goes there before you.” I heard that today during our Biblestudy time at work. It was advice one of my co-workers had received from another missionary.

We were reading the bit in Isaiah 58:8 “… then your righteousness will go before you” or alternatively, “your righteous one will go before you”.

But not only that.  A Christian has Holy Spirit in them and more, since God is Three and One simultaneously.

So if you go somewhere Jesus goes too. If you go visit people or knock on doors (as we do regularly here), Jesus has gone to that house or stood on that doorstep. Can you imagine if you sit down with someone and knew that Jesus was there for tea also?

Here we are trying to get to know people and introduce them to Jesus, and He goes with us each time we meet someone. That should make things easier, shouldn’t it?


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