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since I’ve been back.

The best parts have been seeing my family, of course.

Also getting some Chipotle.

Using American dollars.

Getting to talk to people on a proper phone.

And the best moment yet: driving down the highway, listening to Rush Limbaugh (talk radio I’ve missed you!) and realizing Kristi was calling me.


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british christmas

Last Saturday night, we went to Trafalgar Square in Covent Garden and sang Christmas carols to passerbys and bystanders (words chosen because they both have “by” in them). A few hundred stopped and joined in. It was a really cold night but a really neat experience.

I have now also partaken in the British Christmas traditions of mince pies and mulled wine. I can see the merit in both.

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just one thought.

Do you ever feel like you’re not living but waiting to live? I know that’s a semi-quote from someone, but I can’t remember who. Well, I feel that way sometimes.

After you wonder if you will start truly living someday, do you then wonder if, one day, not too long from now, you’ll look back to now and say, “That was greatness right then”?

It’s midnight. I’ve caught the sore throat bit that’s flying around our team, and I’m a bit bitter about it. So I will conclude there and develop something more substantial later.


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from thanksgiving.

resused coffee holder sleeves for namecards at Thanksgiving dinner.

I may or may not have created these during our theology lectures that morning (after coffee break, obviously).

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kids’s nonverbal games.

Two kids were playing this game in the 47 bus today, and as I observed, I realized  how whole game is about  nonverbal communication. The the orchestrator gives commands, some which the followers obey and some which they ought not obey. The followers can know whether they ought obey or not based on the leader’s verbal cues.

But what makes it a game is that three main ways the leader can throw off his followers are nonverbal:

1. He can make his nonverbals contradict his verbal commands.

2. He can use verbal repetition to dull the followers responsiveness.

3. He can mimic his paralanguage for the good commands on his bad commands, in case the followers are not paying close attention.

I give you, Simon Says.

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why departure is cool (tribute to the writing style of “Stuff Christians Like”)

departure is where I work. In an effort to explain what clenches it’s position tipping on the end of the cool scale, I present a scoring sheet, which you may apply to your own local coffee hangout and see how it rates against mine.

Thank you, Jon Acuff at “Stuff Christians Like”, for your simple scoring system.

Where departure Its Cool Points From Tally (or the WDICPFT if you please).

having a roof terrace space in london  (+2 points)

smoking allowed on roof terrace  (+1 point) **

awesome personal-sized butter dishes (+2 points)

three levels to the building (+2 points)

ornate serving trays from the middle east (+1 point)

that we serve moroccan mint tea (+1 point)

having a rickshaw out front (+2 points)

halal cafe (+2 point)

** I don’t smoke. But since government has banned smoking all indoor areas of public places, I think it’s swell that people that smoke can come to a place and still smoke. Ties into my libertarian idealism.

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