why departure is cool (tribute to the writing style of “Stuff Christians Like”)

departure is where I work. In an effort to explain what clenches it’s position tipping on the end of the cool scale, I present a scoring sheet, which you may apply to your own local coffee hangout and see how it rates against mine.

Thank you, Jon Acuff at “Stuff Christians Like”, for your simple scoring system.

Where departure Its Cool Points From Tally (or the WDICPFT if you please).

having a roof terrace space in london  (+2 points)

smoking allowed on roof terrace  (+1 point) **

awesome personal-sized butter dishes (+2 points)

three levels to the building (+2 points)

ornate serving trays from the middle east (+1 point)

that we serve moroccan mint tea (+1 point)

having a rickshaw out front (+2 points)

halal cafe (+2 point)

** I don’t smoke. But since government has banned smoking all indoor areas of public places, I think it’s swell that people that smoke can come to a place and still smoke. Ties into my libertarian idealism.


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One response to “why departure is cool (tribute to the writing style of “Stuff Christians Like”)

  1. Now I’ve been to many coffee shops in my lifetime ( I try to hit at least one in every new town I visit).. but never have I been to any that meet even one of your criteria – shall I come for a visit? 🙂 miss you!

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