kids’s nonverbal games.

Two kids were playing this game in the 47 bus today, and as I observed, I realized  how whole game is about  nonverbal communication. The the orchestrator gives commands, some which the followers obey and some which they ought not obey. The followers can know whether they ought obey or not based on the leader’s verbal cues.

But what makes it a game is that three main ways the leader can throw off his followers are nonverbal:

1. He can make his nonverbals contradict his verbal commands.

2. He can use verbal repetition to dull the followers responsiveness.

3. He can mimic his paralanguage for the good commands on his bad commands, in case the followers are not paying close attention.

I give you, Simon Says.


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  1. Wow! What an incredibly unique and almost difficult way of explaining a seemingly simple, mindless child’s game. 🙂

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