just one thought.

Do you ever feel like you’re not living but waiting to live? I know that’s a semi-quote from someone, but I can’t remember who. Well, I feel that way sometimes.

After you wonder if you will start truly living someday, do you then wonder if, one day, not too long from now, you’ll look back to now and say, “That was greatness right then”?

It’s midnight. I’ve caught the sore throat bit that’s flying around our team, and I’m a bit bitter about it. So I will conclude there and develop something more substantial later.



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2 responses to “just one thought.

  1. so, real story, I used to work w/ the jr hi at church and once gave a lesson to the girls on living their lives instead of waiting. I have waited and I have lived and living is much better.

  2. Hmmm….
    #1. I’m glad you’re safe in the States, Miss.
    #2. Who decides when you start living? It seems to me that whoever that is, should also decide greatness and the purpose of your living… Hmmm…

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