sorry boys

I have bumped up against an unpleasant reality. I don’t know how to cook.

I can read. I can follow a recipe, and I can usually succeed at the above. But I can’t really cook. I don’t have scores of recipes or dishes wrought of my own experimentation. I get by.

Especially over here in Europe. There is some sort of subtle differences between even the basics, dairy, flour, and probably the baking powder. My pancakes have been less than impressive over here, at the least.

Part of me would really like to conquer this realm, despite it being so stereotypically girly. This year is a good place to begin. But where to start? And it seems a hard thing to seem justifiable to spend time and effort on. But I tend to devalue the merit of pretty much anything, so I shouldn’t trust myself.

I have also discovered I am the biggest recipe hater. No legitmate reason, expect when I’m restrained by what ingredients are on hand and forced to improvise. I have a lot of misplaced confidence in myself. Thus, I frequently deviate outside of my gastronomic knowledge, often to my detriment.

I can cook to please myself, but it’s time to move on and put a little dedication into it.

“‘ I couldn’t care less what she’ll wear or what she looks like. It all depends on what she cooks like.'” Mulan



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4 responses to “sorry boys

  1. tcm.

    Excellent ending with the Mulan quote. And you will definitely have to teach me how to link your blog to your facebook. But! As for cooking, I’m not sure what to tell you, because 1/2 of me says “yes! Learn! Excell and cook great! What a WONDERFUL quality!” and the other 1/2 says “You shouldn’t push yourself out of anything you don’t want” but….being a guy, and a future husband…honestly? I would LOVE it if she could cook. (And not like Julia Fairchild either) but you know, pancakes and toast and such. 🙂

  2. tcm.

    Ps, now that I’ve mentioned that–what are a handful of good qualities/skills a guy should have? (What are you hoping your husband can do?) List ’em for me! 😛

  3. R.

    So I post this on facebook too, and look at what my roommates do with my honesty!

    Katie Vechik: Remember the ill-fated mashed potatoes?

    Bethany Lloyd: remember the oatmeal things…”Rachel, you do realize that’s powdered sugar?”

  4. huh.

    I just don’t know.

    I think you can if you want to. I know it.

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