me, three years ago.

“The preceding is stuff that I was thinking about today while I was working (i.e. vacuuming Jenny’s floors).

We often talk about how words are powerful. I was thinking about how powerless words are. Think about it, a word is just a set of sounds, or set of symbols, in the case of writing. We add all the meaning, intent and purpose. By themselves, words hold absolutely now power, influence or persuasion. Isn’t that cool how we get to use these little tools to do everything we do in the world.

Also, I was thinking how even in communication over all, words are probably toward the list of most powerful communication devices. Everyone talks about how actions speak louder than words. So there’s that. Then also nonverbals always carry more weight than verbals, especially when the verbals contradict the nonverbals.

So really its people that have all the power, I guess. No word is intrinsically bad, good, derogatory or otherwise. Weird to think about. If anyone ever wants to talk to me about stuff like this, you should, because nobody ever does, or at least I assume so, so I use this forum to talk about this stuff.

I also came up with this new idea of how to learn about people. Ask them what they like to talk about. Of course, you can tell things about people from what they talk about, but it’d be cool to ask them what they like to talk about, because, it seems, people like to talk about things that they don’t necessarily [get to] talk about.”

originally written and published January 12, 2007


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  1. Hmmmm. I like the observation of “nonverbals always carry more weight than verbals, especially when the verbals contradict the nonverbals.” Good point. I guess I’ve known that (sub-conscoiusly) but never really thought about that. Thanks!

    As for the ‘getting to know folks’ theory…I agree. It’s the same for money. Keep track of your spendings in one week, and I could tell you what you liked. Talk to me about different subjects, and I can tell what you like, or what you’re most comfortable with, and then derive some sort of value or classification for your life. Interesting point.

    Thanks for sharing!

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