missionary myths dispelled, pt 1

1. Sending care packages to missionaries abroad is so 1970.

So not true. I got a package from a friend last week. It made my day. Possibly my week. What she gave me was incredibly awesome and thoughtful, but the mere fact of getting a pudgy envelope in the mail from someone who was thinking of me was of surpassing encouragement.

Plus, she’s abroad herself, and I’ve never gotten mail from Taiwan before.

I remember sending jolly ranchers to someone in deep Africa or Central Europe when I was young.  I personally think Jolly Ranchers are gross, but I know now what it must have been like to get the comforts of home.

In fact, if you have any of the following (and have a deal with Fed Ex), feel free to send it on:

– Yellow rice
– Semi-sweet chocolate chips
– Hazelnut creamer
– White running socks from Target

And if you happen to have access to any of my stuff:

– That green skirt I really like
– the blue dress that I took home at Christmas and never should have left there
– My black zip-up “jumper”


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One response to “missionary myths dispelled, pt 1

  1. Katrina

    Aww, was that from Hannah?

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