a unifying theme

I am reading this book.

In one of those pre-chapter vignettes by way of introduction there is a short story. Someone tells the author that he is having difficulty figuring out what the unifying theme of his work is. After a bit of discussion, and after a few people have contributed what they think the unifying theme may be, someone else pipes up.

“How old are you, young man? Late twenties?” He turns to the others. “Fellows, he’s young. Why does he need a unifying theme?”

That is how I feel. I don’t have a unifying theme. Not for this present blog. Not for my life’s direction. Sorry.

Neither a vegan, a baker, nor mom-photographer I be.

I thought a lot of self-discovery was meant to be hammered out in adolescence, and we’d all know what we “want to be” by the time we are fifteen, but I am still working through it. Okay, I only know a few people who are convincedly doing what they think they are meant to be doing. But hey, the school system has to present us with some sort of model and motivation.

Besides the over-arching purpose for my life, I don’t have a clue about things. Sometimes I don’t know what my talents and gifts are. I am not even sure what tell people over small talk when they ask about my hobbies and interests. What am I interested in???

“Is it [the blog] informational? Is it girly? Is it deep? Is it funny?” I don’t know. “What does it all mean?” I don’t know. For heavens sake, I hope it’s not cliche. Whatever. I am sure it’s not all for naught.

My best thoughts and revelations seem to come out of several related conversations and situations and information that at some point converges at an intersection of some new understanding. So this is a good thing. To keep at it anyhow.

To draw the analogy together, I am hoping that as I forge ahead with this blog and with my life that at some point some unifying theme will similarly emerge. Until then, I am having fun anyway.

The book, by the way, is Freakonomics.

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  1. I understand exactly how you feel. Do not fret, you are not alone in this.

    That book by the way, is rather good I thought.

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