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in a perfect world.

Much to my own disappointment, I am pretty much a disappointment. If you are a Christian, you might know that bit of Paul where he writes a confusing paragraph about how he does things he doesn’t want to do and doesn’t do things he does want to do and etc. That is me exactly.

Sometimes, I do things I don’t want to do. Sometimes I want to do things and don’t do them. Sometimes I want to do things and find myself uncapable of pulling them off. Sometimes I don’t want to do things but can’t seem to find a way not to.

As I near the dawn of my twenty-third year, I could look forward with optimism. Hope that in the year of my birth three and twenty, I’ll shape up. But I thought that about myself before the new year, and before I came to England, and before I graduated from college. On the approach of any major time-marker, I usually imagine that this will be the dawn of an irrepressibly good era.

But I’m slowly catching on.

It’s not worth talking about how it’s very frustrating to constantly know you’re not measuring up. If you’re any bit of a candid human, you’ll admit that sometimes (at least once or twice year) you feel frustration, and just maybe it might be directed at yourself.

My wish for the ideal even extends to my humble blog(s). I just bought a custom domain. I decided to do this because I’m unashamedly smitten with blogging, and I thought I’d like to have one url that I really liked. And maybe, if I really liked it, I could use the umbrella domain to encapsulate all my blogging tendencies.

Then, just maybe, I could just blog at one sight instead of three. If my plan goes according to specifications, soon I’ll start blogging exclusively at Get it?

This has been Philosophizings from the Flat. And I like that concept. I have had to scrap mythopoetic name, though, as from the flat has sprung from that blog. Without giving too much away (to avoid creating too much expectation), I hope to include what I like to write about here there, along with what I like to write about there.

To my fewer boy readers, among my few readers, please don’t be afraid. Sometimes I may be compelled to put something somewhat girly, but I hope to not diminish my beefier thoughts, and will post them whenever I discover them burgoening in the collection things I’m mulling over.

So when everything is neat and tidy, I’ll make a big announcement, post a big link to over there, and shamelessly plug the new super-blog. Until then, keep an ear here and as well as at



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Pivotal Politics: new blog on the block

My blogger-conversion count is up to three! (Well, that’s the official number; there’s reports of a fourth.)

What can I say? When I’m passionate about something, I let the world know.

Pivotal Politics Today has just launched! 

A warning: it will have lots of substance and little fluff. It’s about deep politics, not just pop-poli sound bytes. Most likely, it will focus on politics in Eurasia, and perhaps especially the Caspian Sea region. The author is well-educated and well-informed.

Support blog procreation! Make this new blog a success!

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one is not enough.

Announcing Rachel’s unawaited new blog!

Well I have started a new blog, and you’re welcome to take a look. It’s a bit different from this one and feel free to play favorites with either.

It’s called Mythopoetic for now. It’s exact look and purpose are yet to be determined, but it seems that it will definitely be lighter, happier, more whimsical, and more personal than this blog.

– Don’t worry. I’m not that personal. I don’t like those types of blog either.

– Could anything be happier than this blog already is?

– Basically, it’s more girly, and I don’t feel like I have to worry about if it’s a tad intellectual or not, as I do for this blog (no comments about the intellectual caliber of this blog, please).

So check it out but don’t lose this bookmark. I have precious few readers as it is.

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Yesterday, I looked up the time for sunrise for Monday morning. In the process, I remembered that there are a lot of cool things to know about sunset, sunrise, and twilight. So if you got excited about reading about the pop culture series, that’s not what I’m writing about. Rough, I know, but keep reading to learn about original twilight.

Did you know that actually, scientifically speaking, “twilight” can refer to the period of time right before sunrise as well as the time right after sunset? According to several things I’ve read, there is what is called morning twilight and evening twilight.

There are also technically three different types of sunrises and three types of sunsets. Civil twilight, nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight. So if you’re talking to some smart jerk and ask him when sunrise/sunset is, you can now be prepared to specify when he asks. One of my favorite authors, Vincent Bugliosi, mentioned the types of sunrises in one of his books, And the Sea Will Tell. When I get a chance, I’ll dig up how he explained it (’cause he did it well) and add that to this post also. But here’s what I’ve got so far.
According to Wikipedia, coupled with knowledge from two other sites it is:

–  Night, if the sun is more than 18 degrees below the horizon

–  Astronomical twilight, the sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon

Nautical twilight, when the sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon

Civil twilight, the sun is 6 or less degrees below the horizon

Day, when the sun is above the horizon

So from what I can surmise, the story of light in a single day goes like this. It’s night. The comes astronomical twilight, when the sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon. It’s still pretty dark. When the sun is between 12 and 6 degrees below the horizon, objects are becoming distinguishable, it’s nautical twilight. At 6 degrees below the horizon, it’s civil twilight, and it’s light enough to do things outside without the aid of artificial lights.

Sunrise is defined as the moment where the sun becomes visible on the horizon. It appears that dawn refers to the whole transition from dark to sunrise. And twilight, since it can be sued for both morning and night, is the period of time where it’s light out, even if it’s before the sun has risen or after the sun has set.

So then reverse the process, I guess, to count down to sunset. It’s called evening twilight. The sun disappears from sight, which is sunset. Then you go back through the steps, civil, nautical, astronomical twilights, and then night.



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complete for ’09

My 1oo items list is now complete.

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My posting holiday is over, and I apologize for the long absence.

I’m back in town and back to work. Yes, I did have a nice break, thank you. Saw my family and my extended family and got to exercise my fashion sense in cold weather. Up north, boots and scarves are commonplace, so while I felt adventerous, I probably just looked normal up there.

Because I am back (don’t get your expectations too high) there will hopefully be a blitz of philosophizings, because I’m feeling in the mood. I’m working on a few pieces as we speak.

Oh, and for those of you who have noticed that my “100 items” is yet just 50, I pray for you indulgence, until I find my list of the other 50 to post.

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recent addition

Check out my newly created “100 items“.  Because blogs have those sorts of things.

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