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missionary myths dispelled, pt 1

1. Sending care packages to missionaries abroad is so 1970.

So not true. I got a package from a friend last week. It made my day. Possibly my week. What she gave me was incredibly awesome and thoughtful, but the mere fact of getting a pudgy envelope in the mail from someone who was thinking of me was of surpassing encouragement.

Plus, she’s abroad herself, and I’ve never gotten mail from Taiwan before.

I remember sending jolly ranchers to someone in deep Africa or Central Europe when I was young.  I personally think Jolly Ranchers are gross, but I know now what it must have been like to get the comforts of home.

In fact, if you have any of the following (and have a deal with Fed Ex), feel free to send it on:

– Yellow rice
– Semi-sweet chocolate chips
– Hazelnut creamer
– White running socks from Target

And if you happen to have access to any of my stuff:

– That green skirt I really like
– the blue dress that I took home at Christmas and never should have left there
– My black zip-up “jumper”


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guy fawkes in the UK

November 5 comes just once a year. I was so excited to celebrate Guy Fawkes day legitimately this year, being in the UK and all. Apparently, it’s just “bonfire night” in the vernacular, although it can be called Guy Fawkes day. And contrary to my research, none of my friends knew anyone who burned a Guy Fawkes in effigy. But that’s kind of okay with me.

It appears it is celebrated with firework displays and eating out of doors.

Sadly, I had to work at night, so I marked the day by making my first trip to the Tower of London, where Guy Fawkes was imprisoned before his execution. I could hear firework going off at night. We had a little celebration planned for Saturday night, so that consoled me.

So two nights later, when we were out in the country, we had our Bonfire Night celebration. Grilled chicken, sausages, “chips”, and toffee for dinner and then the boys set off fireworks.  Now that I know what the common Brit does, I shall continue to mark this day myself.

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what i miss about america.

. morning coffee, hazelnut creamer, pastry, and fruit with MB.

. chipotle.

. hummus and carrots with katie. (this was usually me consuming massive amounts of hummus on scant carrots while Katie consumed half of a bag of carrots plain)

. panera bread.

. guacamole, and really any mexican.


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