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“The World in Words”

I hope you don’t run into me within the next few days. If you do, prepare to hear at least one anecdote about my latest obsession, “The World in Words” podcast.

It seems to be hand-designed to interest me. I like everything they talk about, probably because they are talking about everything I like.

The podcast is all about languages.

The host is Patrick Cox. He’s talks about pidgins and creoles, language-learning trends, translation difficulties… It just too good. It’s put on by the BBC and Public Radio International (PRI). I first heard about it when Mr. Cox came to Wycliffe to interview Wycliffe USA’s president, Bob Creson.

I’ve downloaded all of the episodes I’ve missed and subscribed for future. Fortunately, it’s been broadcasting for a while, so it will be a week or two before I caught up and have to wait for the weekly installments.

Topic broadcasting simultaneously on {Mythopoetic}.


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This one begins with a little quiz.


Digo.   Tira.   Guanano.   Mewkwaki.

These are:
a. the names of four cities in Guatemala
b. four types of plants in the Amazon
c. four ancient Mayan gods
d. the names of four languages

Your answer please.

Today at Wycliffe, they had a Scripture celebration. They dedicated Scripture for 11 different languages that were previously without any Scripture or what they had was little or poor.

One of these 11 was actually for a language in the continental US (didn’t know we had languages left here, did you?). They have completed several Scripture portions in the Meskwaki language, which is the language of the Algonquian people.

A lot of Algonquians live in the Iowa area, and the languages has just several hundred speakers today. Having the language written down and having literature in the language will help encourage literacy in the language and keep it from dying out.

This is just absolutely incredible. Thousands of people can now hear God speak to them in their own language through his Word.

That’s 11 down for Vision 2025!


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sights in the AM

So we’ve covered that I’m a morning person.

I stopped to get coffee on the way to work (don’t worry; I’m keeping this splurge in good regulation) this morning and the chat I had with the girl behind the counter will probably be as amiable as any converstaion I’ll have today. Seriously, people can be so jovial in the morning, as long as they aren’t morning-haters. Those people are next to heathens anyway.

I noticed a girl sitting at a table with her mom. She was in the neighborhood of ten years old, was well-dressed -down to juvenile purple rubber boots- and had two plaits of brown hair. Most impressively, she was quite absorbed in a book at least two inches thick -and it wasn’t Harry Potter.

If appearances are any grounds for inferences, she looked quite grown-up and self-assured. She didn’t stir when her mom got up for the restroom and left her unattended for the space of several minutes.

As I watied in line, I snuck a peek back at her and saw her split the biggest grin -it had to have been something she read, nothing else amsuing was happening. She paused and partially closed the book, as if to reflect for a moment on whatever had made her smile. Then she took a bit of her bagel, perhaps sipped her iced coffee* when my back was toward her, and austerely continued reading.

You don’t see that happening anywhere at 7pm.

*She must be grown-up if her mom is buying her iced coffee. And in the nature/nurture debate, I’d say she acts like a grownup because she is treated like one.

[As appeared in Mythopoetic on March 5, 2009.]


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final attempt




Real computer people would be appalled at the primitive way I cut and hacked out this simple, little text design. I have no excuses. I simply haven’t been learned how to do such things.

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attempts one and two

I had to call Kristi to find out how I could create text and save it as a jpeg.









  This is harder than it looks. How to graphic designers do it?

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 Which do you prefer?

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