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prep for London

These are my current get-to London tasks:

1. Get to work on getting my papers from LCM so I can apply for my visa.

2. Setting support benchmarks (currently just shy of $1500 pledged!)

3. Writing first batch of thank-you notes

I’m bad at dealing with tumult, though I like the excitement. Friday, I’m having lunch with my friend Stephanie, who is also London-bound with LCM, so I’m hoping that we’ll pump each other up to perservere and pray.


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Picturesque from the Flat

Introducing for the very first time:

Picturesque from the Flat


Yes, I have a third blog. This has been under construction for quite some time, and I’ve debated about what it’s purpose should be. The third is quite different from Philosophizings and Mythopoetic.

It’s to be my London blog.

At its inception, it was a photo-blog, and I am hoping to keep up the photo blogging in tandem with my London updates. I’ve got some introductory information up, and I’ll be posting about my progress toward getting to London. So check it out.

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